Toxic Trio  


Course Summary

Code: TT070219  

Starting: Thursday 07 February 2019 

Location: Bury Business Lodge  

Duration: 07:30 

Starting: 09:00 

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Toxic Trio 1 day course:
This course develops the understanding and skills needed to work with children and families who are experiencing difficulities due to one or more ot the toxic trio - Mental Health, Domestic Abuse and Substance Misuse Issues.
The course will help participants:
- to consider the stigma that can be attached to mental illness and what professionals can do to support
- consider mental health in terms of the 'family dynamic' - the impact on the family, the families strengths, difficulties and building resilience.
- to have increased understanding of the link between parental mental health and child protection. The impact on the child, building resilience and exploring some tools for practice
- to consider issues in assessing parenting capacity
- to consider the legislative framework
- to consider the practice tools for formulating assessments and identifying needs
- develop an understanding of dependence on substances and impact on parental functions
- explore the impacts of substance misuse on child welfare and development and how to support children affected
- to understand the process of inter-agency working
- understand the definition of 'domestic violence', myths and stereotypes
- understand the impact of domestic violence on women and children
- explore political, cultural and economic reasons why women stay in violent relationshiops



Time and duration

Start Date: 07 February 2019
Start Time: 09:00
Day: Thursday Morning
Duration: 07:30


Bury Business Lodge  
Europa House  
Barcroft Street

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