Honour Based Violence  


Course Summary

Code: HBV1118  

Starting: Wednesday 28 November 2018 

Location: Bury Business Lodge  

Duration: 07:30 

Starting: 09:00 

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Honour based Violence & Abuse training .
" Understand the background to honour-based abuse and forced marriage
" Understand the key barriers to reporting and accessing services
" Identify the commonly recognised indicators of a potential forced marriage
" Identify and manage an incident of honour-based abuse or forced marriage
" Identify strategies to increase safety for victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriage
" How professionals can improve their standard of practice - Case studies
" Legal information, services for BAME , Immigration - guest speakers



Time and duration

Start Date: 28 November 2018
Start Time: 09:00
Day: Wednesday Morning
Duration: 07:30


Bury Business Lodge  
Europa House  
Barcroft Street

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