Managing Allegations  


Course Summary

Code: MA040219  

Starting: Monday 04 February 2019 

Location: Room 501  

Duration: 03:30 

Starting: 09:00 

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Managing allegations against those who work with children – ½ day course
Target audience:
Senior Managers or first line managers in agencies or organisations that work with children and young people (e.g. Children’s Services Managers, School Head Teachers or Deputy Head Teachers, Clinical and non-clinical managers in NHS organisations, managers of voluntary organisations).

Learning objectives:
By the end of the course, participants will have:-
Gained an understanding of the process for dealing with allegations made against employees that work with children
Understood the role of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)
Be prepared for participating in Strategy Meetings to safeguard children from professional abuse
Familiarised themselves with the concept of unsuitability, new vetting and barring scheme, safer recruitment and safer working practices


Time and duration

Start Date: 04 February 2019
Start Time: 09:00
Day: Monday Morning
Duration: 03:30


Room 501  
Townside PCC  
1 Knowsley Place
Knowsley Street  
Bury BL9 0SN

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