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Exploitation Awareness & Training  


Course Summary

Code: EAT170122  

Starting: Monday 17 January 2022 

Location: Virtual platform  

Duration: 05:30 

Starting: 09:30 

Enrol: Enrol



Exploitation Awareness and Training
A full day course looking at Complex Safeguarding - A term used to describe criminal activity (often organised) or behaviour associated with criminality, involving children, young people and adults with multiple vulnerabilities, where there is exploitation/risk of exploitation and/or a clear implied safeguarding concern.
Learning Objectives
. Basic understanding of Trauma and Impact
. Adolescent Development & Exploitation
. An overview of Child Sexual Exploitation, Criminal Exploitation & Modern Day Slavery
. Push & Pull factors
. Diversity & Exploitation
. Exclusion to exploitation - what can we do to support and engage young people?
. What happens when a young person turns 18?
. Exploitation: Context & Language
. What to do if you are worried
Facilitators - Dawn Fallows CST Manager, DS Ben Harris, Emma Hallows ACT SW,  


Time and duration

Start Date: 17 January 2022
Start Time: 09:30
Day: Monday Morning
Duration: 05:30


Virtual platform  

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