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Course Summary

Code: ES151122  

Starting: Tuesday 15 November 2022 

Location: Virtual platform  

Duration: 03:00 

Starting: 13:00 

Enrol: Enrol



This is a 2 day course, you must attend day 1 before day 2. Day 1- 15/11/22 Day 2 -17/11/22. Each day is a 3 hour course. 13:00 - 16:00
Day 1 - Gain an understanding of the positives for children and young people accessing online platforms
Promote an understanding of how social media & online platforms can promote development skills in children and young people.
Recognise when social media & online platforms can be a negative experience.
Understand the associated risks.
Day 2 - Develop own knowledge & awareness on the safe use of technology.
Promote confidence to enable conversations with children & young people about the safe use of technology.
Gain an understanding of the impact of online bullying & mental health on children & young people.
Know who to refer to & what support is available for children & young people.
Facilitators Mark Gay LADO & Lesley Davidson Emotional health and Well being coordinator


Time and duration

Start Date: 15 November 2022
Start Time: 13:00
Day: Tuesday Afternoon
Duration: 03:00


Virtual platform  

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