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Lunchtime Learning - Missing Education  


Course Summary

Code: LLEWO15121 

Starting: Wednesday 15 December 2021 

Location: Virtual platform  

Duration: 01:00 

Starting: 12:00 

Enrol: Enrol



Offered as a joint collaboration between Children's Partnership and BISP.

*FREE* Children Missing Education.
This FREE session sets to outline the key principles to inform and reduce the impact of Children Missing Education with Bury. For the purpose of the session, Children Missing Education refers to all children of compulsory school age who are not on a school roll, not being educated otherwise and who have been out of any education provision for a substantial period of time.

As an authority, there is a legal duty under section 436a of the Education Act to make arrangements to identify, as far as is possible to so so, Children Missing from Education. It is important that knowledge of Children Missing Education is enhanced and shared wider within services and local communities.

This session will give you:
* An understanding, defintion and overview of Children Missing Education in Bury.
* An understanding of the safeguarding risks associated with Children Missing Education.
* An understaning of indications of Chldren Missing Education.
* An understaning of what we do to reduced the risks.
* Understanding roles and responsibilities.
* An overview of key legislation and guidance.

This session will be delivered by Isaac Adamas and Tracey Wright, School Attendance and Education Welfare Team.  


Time and duration

Start Date: 15 December 2021
Start Time: 12:00
Day: Wednesday Afternoon
Duration: 01:00


Virtual platform  

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