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*FREE* Introduction To Genograms  


Course Summary

Code: OLG020322  

Starting: Wednesday 02 March 2022 

Location: Virtual platform  

Duration: 01:00 

Starting: 11:30 

Enrol: Enrol



Linked to the findings from recent reviews I20,A21,D21 & G21 where a lack of agency understanding on the use of Genograms, and where it was also noted that if more information had been known about who were other family members and the support networks, a Think Family approach could have been more strongly promoted.
This FREE 1 hour awareness session will introduce you to the relevance of compiling a Genogram , whatever agency or client group you are representing. So this session is suitable for all practitioners, across all workstreams within Bury.
Aims :
What is a Genogram?
What/When can it be used ?
What information is needed to compile a Genogram?
Using a Genogram to capture the wider family and support network
How many generations should be reflected in a Genogram?
The session will help explain the relevance of a good Genogram and how it can help in identifying positive support networks and used to apply decision making and help in identifying thresholds.



Time and duration

Start Date: 02 March 2022
Start Time: 11:30
Day: Wednesday Morning
Duration: 01:00


Virtual platform  

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