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*FREE* Introduction To Genograms  


Course Summary

Code: OLG051022  

Starting: Wednesday 05 October 2022 

Location: Virtual platform  

Duration: 01:00 

Starting: 11:30 

Enrol: Enrol



Linked to recent reviews I20,A21,D21 &G21. This FREE 1 hour sesson will introduce to you the relevance of compiling a Genogram, whatever agency or client group you are representing.This session is suitable for all practitioners across all workstreams within Bury.
Session will cover:
What is a Genogram?
What/When can it be used?
What information is needed to compile a Genogram?
Using a Genogram to capture the wider family and support network.
How many generations should be reflected in a Genogram?
This session will explain the relevance of a good genogram and how it can identify positive support network, used to apply decision making and help in identifying thresholds.
Facilitators - Kellie Oldfield & Chris Davies - Advanced Practitioners, Practice Improvement and Quality Assurance.  


Time and duration

Start Date: 05 October 2022
Start Time: 11:30
Day: Wednesday Morning
Duration: 01:00


Virtual platform  

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