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L/L Trauma & Parent/Infant Relationship  


Course Summary

Code: TPIR6622  

Starting: Monday 06 June 2022 


Duration: 01:00 

Starting: 12:00 

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The Impact of Trauma on the Parent/Infant Relationship

The experiences we have in the earliest years of our lives impact on the development of our personality and our development. Experiencing trauma, such as exposure to domestic abuse, in the earliest years can have a significant impact on brain development, potentially leaving serious and lasting concequences that can create difficulties for the child into their adult years.

This is not inevitable. Secure relationships with parents and carers can reduce the stress caused by trauma and limit the long-term impact it has on a baby's development.
Specialist support can help to strengthen these relationships and reduce the harms to babies.

This session will focus on:
a) The nature and impact of trauma experienced by babies
b) The buffering impact healthy relationships can provide
c) The importance of having skilled professionals working to improve babies' mental health
d) When and how to refer to Bury Early Attachment Service

This Lunchtime Learning Session will be delivered by Sarah Cox,, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, Bury Early Attachment Service and can be booked on by emailing  


Time and duration

Start Date: 06 June 2022
Start Time: 12:00
Day: Monday Afternoon
Duration: 01:00



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