Disguised Compliance  


Course Summary

Code: DC180319  

Starting: Monday 18 March 2019 

Location: Bury Business Lodge  

Duration: 07:30 

Starting: 09:00 

Enrol: Full



This course is for all practitioners and managers involved in assessment and decision making where children may be at risk of harm.
To facilitate discussion and address concerns about working with families who are partially compliant or deliberately mislead agencies.
To consider lessons from practice, research and Serious Case Reviews regarding the implications for work to safeguard children in these families.
To gain further understanding of patterns of behaviour that indicate deception and risk.
To increase ability to assess risk to children living in these families where they may be hidden from professional view.
To develop skills to identify and challenge deliberate avoidance and misrepresentation.


Time and duration

Start Date: 18 March 2019
Start Time: 09:00
Day: Monday Morning
Duration: 07:30


Bury Business Lodge  
Europa House  
Barcroft Street

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